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Supa Santa Secret

With the spirit of the holiday season, we bring to you an opportunity to be

a Secret Santa (with a twist) for your loved ones, online.

Share gifts to your loved ones

Sign up

Sign up your email address and fill out the profile information. It is required to proceed ahead with the game.

Create a room

Create a room for your family, friends or coworkers. It creates a safe environment and ensures unintended people cannot access your shipping address.

Invite members

Invite members to the room using their email address. Make sure they are already signed up and have filled their profile information in order to receive an invitation.

Share your wish

Share your wish with your loved ones. Include the gift's name and an URL so that others can see the information.

Send and receive gift

There's as much joy in giving, as in receiving. So, see through the list of wishes and become someone's Secret Santa, while you wait for yours.


Enjoy... that's what Supa Secret Santa is built for. Create more rooms, invite more members, exchange more gifts.

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